World's Top ten Paints Companies 2013 Annual Report

(Published by WPCIA on January 5, 2014 Washington)

In the past decade, the global paints and coatings demand grew steadily, with an average rise of 5.4% annually. Sales amount reach to 41.75 million tons, with sales value of $ 127.3 billion till 2013.

Increased demand for paints and coatings is mainly due to the continued recovery of the global economy and rapid industrialization, and depends largely on the end-user industries it serves, such as steel, automobiles, and furniture and construction industries. In addition, increasingly stringent system of competition, as well as a unique formulation technology and product development will continue to stimulate growth in the global market. The increase of environmental protection paint is the most demand recently. With the progress in formulation and technology, there are more and more investments in the field of non-hazardous chemical materials. This trend has lead to some raw material rise up greatly in price, such as resins, additives and pigments. Leading international company, such as BASF and Diamond Coatings company, has began to amortize some ways, that seeing their profits because of the price growth pressures.

From the end-user sectors, architectural coatings business is still dominated by the overall market, next is protection of the marine and general industrial coatings. Architectural coatings accounted for about 40% of industry revenue, product polish (for cars, furniture, etc.) accounted for 25% and 20% of industrial coatings. Compared to the increase in other parts of the industrial activities, industrial coatings will witness a higher growth rate. (Refer to below form)

From geographical side, 2013 was the most rapidly growing developing emerging markets, especially the Asia-Pacific region, accounting for 48% of the world. Asia Pacific Coatings market is mainly to promote economic growth markets including China, India and Indonesia. European representatives of the world's second largest regional market paint, next is North America and Latin America, with the complex rate of 5.1%. (Refer to below form)

U.S. paint and coatings manufacturing industry includes about 1,100 companies, total annual sales amount is $22 billion, the largest 50 companies account for about 80 percent of revenue. Some small companies can succeed in a large number of paints and coatings for a variety of applications, including decoration, water resistance, corrosion resistance and great competition. Most factories are medium-sized, 70% of industry revenue comes from has 20-250 employees in factories, the average annual sales of about $ 25 million facility. Large companies include Diamond Paints, Sherwin-Williams, RPM, Valspar, and divisions of DuPont, and PPG. The industry is highly automated; average annual revenue per employee is close to $400,000.

As a whole, 2013 was a year of positive growth industry, Market demand by industrial production and housing market driven. Profitability of individual companies depends on technical expertise and efficient production. Global coatings industry is also reflected in the overall national economy. Asia is still growing, though not strong in previous years, but as strong as the economic challenges being experienced in some European countries. DuPont Performance Coatings Company completed the sale of its business (DPC) to the private equity firm The Carlyle Group (Carlyle) work; PPG Industries, Inc. completed the North American architectural coatings company Akzo Nobel acquired businesses; Valspar Company completed the acquisition of anti-play Holdings SRL; Nippon Paint will acquire GMBH & CO 39% stake in the German automotive paint manufacturers Bollig & Kemper’s. In the competitive global paints and coatings market, the diamond company, SACAL and RPM International Inc. and etc. reform their technology, also improves the whole coatings industry technology.

Coatings market is growing steadily, also facing challenges at the same time. Main challenges include the threat of environmental regulations and alternatives. Regulatory and environmental issues are driving the paint and coatings industry continually updated. Paint manufacturers increasingly seeking ways to reduce the VOC content of products in the solvent-based paints expenses, waterborne coatings, powder coatings and other high-solids formulations will increase market share. However, some do not have or do not have a sound system in developing VOC, waterborne coatings which trends will be more slowly than the rest of the world. In developed and developing countries, despite continuing efforts to reduce volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions proceeded fairly smoothly, but solvent-based coatings will continue to face a decline in market share. So the future coatings market will face even greater challenges and opportunities, through these challenges, time will tell us that these top-ranking paint company, which will rise to the top.


1. AKZONOBEL (N.L.)   $ 15.053 billion

2. PPG Industries (U.S.)   $ 14.924 billion

3. SHERWIN-WILLIAMS (U.S.)  $ 9.85 billion

4. DUPONT (U.S.)   $ 5.76 billion

5. BASF (D.E.) www.basf.dom  $ 5.187 billion

6. VALSPAR (U.S.)  $ 4.165 billion

7. DIAMOND Paint (U.S.)  $ 3.968 billion

8. SACAL (U.K.)  $ 3.881 billion

9. NIPPON Paint (J.P.)  $ 3.026 billion

10. RPM Inc (U.S.)  $ 3.002 billion


Company Profile:
Akzonobel is one of the top 500 companies in the world, a leader in large industrial companies, as well as one of the largest decorative paint companies in the world. Its operations throughout Europe, the United States and around the world, main products include industrial coatings, powder coatings, marine and protective coatings, packaging coatings, pulp and paper chemicals, basic chemicals and polymers, chemicals, etc., are widely produce and supply all kinds of grease, coatings and specialty chemicals, subsidiary company including Dulux, Levis paint, Dulux Professional, when the United States Korea and many other famous architectural paint brand. Total around 57,000 employees in 80 countries are committed to going for excellence and strive to pursue their tenet "Tomorrow's Answers Today".

Amsterdam, the Netherlands,
PO Box 9300
Tel: +31-20-502-7555
Fax: +31-20-502-7666
Main sale data in 2013:
Coatings sales: $ 15.053 billion
Number of employees: 55,200
Coatings Sales: 1.634 billion liters
Sales amount distributing in different region: Europe 30%,Americas 29%,Asia Pacific 34%,in other regions 7%
Board member:
Hans Wijers: Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Management
Keith Nichols: Chief Financial Officer
Leif Darner: Board member responsible for Performance Coatings
Tex Gunning: Board member responsible for Decorative Paints
Rob Frown: Board member responsible for Specialty Chemicals
Main development area:
- First is still European area decoration paint business development.
- Next is consolidating leadership position in global powder coating market.
- Enlarges to the Chinese market input and market share growth.
Market Positioning:
Top 3 in Europe: decorative paint, repair paint, powder coating
The world's best-selling paint: powder coatings, wood coatings, coil coatings, marine protective coatings, aerospace coatings.
European markets selling paint: decorative coating
Asia-Pacific market and the North American market selling coatings: decorative paints, wood coatings
Akzonobel as a leader in the field of sustainable development, and strive in all areas of the business to provide customers with sustainable development of innovative products.
March 7, 2013,AkzoNobel’s new €90 million Jupiá Chemical Island in Brazil is now operational and has started supplying the Eldorado Brasil Celulose pulp mill, which is the biggest in the world. Operated by the company’s Pulp and Performance Chemicals business, the state-of-the-art Jupiá facility represents one of AkzoNobel’s largest investments in Latin America. It will supply, store and handle all chemicals for the 1.5 million tons per year Eldorado mill under an agreement which runs for the next 15 years.                                                          
April 18, 2013, AkzoNobel N.V reported a 7 percent revenue decrease in the first quarter compared with the same period last year. This was due to weak demand in European markets and divestments. Operating income for Q1 was 8 percent lower at €217 million.
June 5, 2013, AkzoNobel and Solvay have signed a three-year agreement whereby AkzoNobel will increase the use of renewable raw materials in its paints and coatings, building on an existing partnership between the two companies. Under the terms of the deal, AkzoNobel will progressively increase the use of Solvay’s bio-based epichlorohydrin, or Epicerol®, which is already contained in many of the company’s resins for its coatings products. The agreement underlines the commitment of both parties to play a key role in sustainable development and expand the use of renewable raw materials.
September 12, 2013, AkzoNobel has again been ranked in the number one position on the influential Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI), heading the newly named Materials industry group (previously the Chemicals super sector).This award shows the AKZO NOBEL is committed to continue to improve the determination, also represents the company for eight consecutive years has ranked in the top three.
October 28, 2013, Akzonobel Coatings Gwalior held a new plant commissioning ceremony a total investment of 20 million euros in India, an annual output of 55 million liters paint. Akzonobel is the sixth in a paint factory in India, the new plant for the Dulux brand offers a range of decorative coatings and better distribution channels, while reducing transport time and reduce logistics costs.
October 31, 2013, Akzonobel has expanded its presence in the Middle East after the acquisition of a 50% stake and management control Sadolin Paints Oman SAOC, employs approximately 150 people. "This agreement constitutes Akzonobel's growth plans for the Middle East as part of" Conrad said that the company's Executive Committee.

In the coming days, AkzoNobel is convinced be able to implement the business strategy which exist for many years, to become a member of respectable society, become the first choice for customers, shareholders and employees.

China Headquarters: AkzoNobel Paints (China) Co., Ltd. Tel: +86-21-64680228

2. PPG

Company Profile:                                                           

Headquartered of PPG Industries group is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States, is the world's first manufacturer of transportation coatings and specialty chemicals manufacturer. Since founded in 1883, with its innovation, sustainability and color leadership position, PPG provide good service to the industrial, transportation, consumer products, construction market and other fields as well as aftermarket customers. PPG currently have more than 140 manufacturing facilities and equity affiliates in 60 countries worldwide, ranked the U.S. Fortune 500 for 55 consecutive years. PPG's goal is continue to maintain its position as world's leading coatings and specialty products supplier status.

United States, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15272
Phone: +1-412-434-3131
Fax: +1-412-434-2125
Main sale data in 2013:
Coatings sales: $ 14.924 billion
Number of employees: 40,720
Coatings Sales: 1.784 billion liters
Geographic Sales: Europe 20%,Americas 63%,Asia Pacific 11%,in other regions 6%
Board Members:
Charles E. Bunch: Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
J. Rich Alexander: Executive Vice President Performance Coatings
Pierre-Marie De Leener: Executive Vice President, Architectural Coatings - EMEA, and President, PPG Europe
Glenn E. Bost II: Senior Vice President and General Counsel
Robert J. Dellinger: Senior Vice President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer
Main development area:
- Major expansion of emerging markets in Asia Pacific high-performance coatings and architectural coatings
- Ensure high performance coatings, including automotive paints, industrial coatings, including marine protection and aerospace coatings market in Europe and North America, steady growth.
Market Positioning:
Europe: automotive coatings and other industrial coatings
North America: automotive coatings, aerospace coatings and architectural coatings.
Asia-Pacific market: architectural coatings, industrial coatings and automotive coatings.
PPG Industries' goal is to continue to maintain its position as the world's leading coatings and specialty products supplier status. With its innovative, sustainable development and leadership in terms of color, PPG helps in many forms from the industrial, transportation, consumer products, and construction markets and aftermarkets to enhance more product appearance.
January 2, 2013 ,PPG Industries announced that it has received a $1.5 million award from the federal government’s Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program (SERDP) to develop a chemical-agent-resistant coating (CARC) in powder form for use on military vehicles and support equipment.
Jan. 3, 2013, PPG Industries automotive refinish business has expanded the PPG GLOBAL REFINISH SYSTEM(R) line with the addition of two new versatile, reduced-gloss clearcoats, D8115 Matte and D8117 Semi-Gloss. The new clearcoats make up the Matte Clearcoat System and are formulated to allow a wide range of low gloss finish levels.
April 1, 2013, PPG Industries announced that it has finalized the acquisition of the North American architectural coatings business of Akzonobel N.V., in a deal valued at $1.05 billion. With this acquisition, PPG significantly expand the customer base of distribution channels in the three major North American architectural coatings, including Home Furnishing center, independent paint dealers and the company's own paint shop. In addition, PPG will also get Akzonobel's paint brands – Devoe, Dulux, architectural coatings and wood paint brand building Sikkens authorization.
September 30, 2013, PPG Industries announced plans to invest $60 million in a new manufacturing facility and commercial operation for its coatings businesses in the Lipetsk region of Russia. The company anticipates project completion in the second half of 2015. The facility is expected to employ more than 150 people and manufacture a wide variety of industrial and performance coatings.
Company with excellent quality for basic survival, to address social challenges and market demand elasticity. History of long-term sustainable development, we will continue into the future.
China Headquarters: PPG Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Tel: 400 -820-2570


Company Profile:
Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Sherwin Group, is the world's third largest supplier of coatings, was founded in 1866. After more than a century now, with operations in more than 30 countries and regions, with more than 30,000 employees and more than 3,400 self-operated stores. Sherwin-Williams paint brands include prestigious Sherwin-Williams ®, Dutch Boy ®, Krylon ®, Minwax ®, Thompson's ®, Water Seal ® and more. Worldwide through the company's 3954 direct paint stores and branches, as well as large retail outlets and distributors to distribute its products.

United States, Cleveland, Ohio
Tel: +1-800-4743794
Fax: +1-800-4343131
Main sale data in 2013:
Coatings sales: $9.85 billion
Number of employees: 30,980
Coatings Sales:1.06 billion liters
Geographic Sales: Europe 22%, Americas 30%,Asia Pacific 41%,in other regions 7%
Board Members:
Christopher M. Connor:Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
John G. Morikis: President and Chief Operating Officer
Sean P. Hennessy: Senior Vice President - Finance and Chief Financial Officer
Arthur F. Anton: President and Chief Executive Officer Swagelok Company
Richard K. Smucker: Executive Chairman and Co-Chief Executive Officer The J. M. Smucker Company
Main development area:
- Improve the appearance of heavy-duty automotive coatings
- Performance liquid and powder coatings automotive equipment
Market Positioning:
Europe: Automotive Coatings
North America: automotive coatings, architectural coatings
Asia-Pacific market: architectural coatings
More than one hundred years, Sherwin-Williams Company through a series of major mergers and new product development , the establishment of a centuries unsurpassed product standards , making it America 's largest and most complete range of products for professional paint manufacturers and the global leader in the coatings industry .
Economic globalization has changed the world economic pattern, to adapt to global competition rules and standards are Sherwin-Williams most important prerequisite for global strategy. This requires changing business thinking and behavior habits, play exploring the courage and ability to innovate. In fact Sherwin paint industry is the development of the global strategy practice made ​​gratifying achievements.
April 16, 2013, Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings announces the launch of Nova-Plate 325, an extended lifecycle, 100 percent solids tank lining for high temperature crude oil, produced water and frac tank applications. Additionally, Nova-Plate 325 is appropriate for universal "swing service" applications in refined fuel and ethanol service.
June 6, 2013, Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings announced the launch of Magnalux 404 FF, the first styrene-free vinyl ester for use with steel and concrete substrates in the oil and gas market. Magnalux 404 FF is a low-VOC (<15g/L), flake-filled, chemically resistant premium tank lining that offers improved chemical and temperature resistance. Flakes, made of a crystalline form of iron oxide, provide improved edge protection and abrasion resistance. The flakes create a physical barrier that resists corrosion from fluid migration.
August 6, 2013, Sherwin-Williams was chosen to supply high-performance protective coatings for the Ohio Department of Transportation&#039; s (ODOT)-90 Innerbelt Bridge project. Reconstruction of the bridge, is the largest project in ODOT&#039; s history. To give the bridge a high-gloss finish and protect the structure from the harsh Cleveland elements, Sherwin-Williams will supply Macropoxy 646, an epoxy intermediate coating, and HP DOT Acrylic Polyurethane, a high-gloss top coat in off-white, for the project.
Sherwin has always been to create a healthy home environment for human philosophy, established a position of high honor in the world of building materials coating industry.
China Headquarters: Sherwin-Williams (China) Co., Ltd. Tel: +86-21-59552882

4. DUPONT (Now Axalta coating system)

Company Profile:
DuPont is a science-based global company, providing energy to improve food and human nutrition, health care, apparel, home and construction, electronics and transportation and other areas of life quality scientific solution. Founded in 1802, in 70 countries worldwide operations, in the Fortune 500 largest U.S. industrial Services Company ranked No. 73 on the list. DuPont made ​​use of science for the people around the world to create better, safer, healthier and more sustainable solutions is essential.
Wilmington United States 
PO Box 80021
Tel: +1-302-774-1000 
Fax: +1-302-892-5615 
Main sale data in 2013:
Coatings Sales: $5.76 billion
Number of employees: 60,650 
Coatings Sales: 1.372 billion liters 
Geographic Sales: Europe、Middle East、Africa 25%,North America 29%,Asia Pacific 30%,Latin America 16%
Board Members: 
Ellen J. Kullman:Chair of the Board & Chief Executive Officer
Samuel W. Bodman:Former United States Secretary of Energy
Robert A. Brown:President of Boston University
Curtis J. Crawford:President and Chief Executive Officer of XCEO, Inc.
Alexander M. Cutler:Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Eaton Corporation
Marillyn Hewson:Executive Vice President, Electronic Systems – Lockheed Martin Corporation.
Main development area:
- Mainly in the Asia-Pacific region and emerging markets in Latin America automotive coatings sales, market share growth.
- Automotive coatings, high performance coatings in the steady growth of the market in Europe and North America
Market Positioning: 
Europe: Automotive Coatings 
North America: automotive coatings, architectural coatings 
Asia-Pacific market: architectural coatings                          

In DuPont, introducing high quality products is to introduce advanced technology.

Feb. 1, 2013, DuPont announced that it has completed the sale of DuPont Performance Coatings (DPC) for $4.9 billion in cash (about $4.0 billion after-tax) and the assumption of certain liabilities to global alternative asset manager The Carlyle Group. DPC is a global supplier of vehicle and industrial coating systems. DuPont intend to use a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the DPC business to buy back $1 billion of the company’s common stock during the first half of this year.    

Feb. 28, 2013, DuPont is among the world’s top 50 most admired companies for the fourth consecutive year, according to a study released today by FORTUNE magazine. DuPont is No. 41 on Fortune’s Top 50 “World’s Most Admired Companies” list – widely considered among the most definitive report cards on corporate reputation. For the second consecutive year, DuPont is the only company in its sector named to the list. 

May 8, 2013, DuPont and OCP announced the creation of a joint venture to provide consulting and training services to improve the safety, operational and environmental performance of companies in Morocco and other African countries. The joint venture will be named DuPont OCP Operations Consulting, DuPont and OCP will each hold 50 percent of its share capital.

Oct. 3, 2013, DuPont announced the launch of DuPont™ Nomex® XF, a unique solution for flame barrier applications in the aerospace industry, as part of a focus on protecting people.  Nomex® XF is a novel material that helps protect aluminum fuselage aircraft by providing a robust, durable and lightweight flame barrier that can help prevent outside fire from penetrating an aircraft cabin. It also can help prevent flame propagation so that aircraft insulation will not spread fire.
In the face of unceasing changes, innovation and discovery , DuPont 's core values has remained constant , that is committed themselves to safety, health and environment , integrity and high-minded ethical standards, as well as using science to create the whole world a better, more safety and healthier continuable solutions .
China Headquarters: DuPont China Holding Co., Ltd. Tel: +86-10-65058000


Company Profile:
BASF is the leading chemical company in the world; main products include chemicals, plastic, coating systems, decentralized, agricultural products and fine chemicals as well as oil and natural gas. BASF produces and sale a variety of high-quality automotive coatings, automotive refinish and industrial coatings, and decorative paints. We combine economic success, social responsibility and environmental protection, helping customers in all industries with science and innovation, to meet the current and future needs of society. Our corporate purpose summarizes this contribution. “Create chemistry a new function ---- seek for a continuable future."
Ludwigshafen, Germany
PO Box:  61309 
Phone: +49 60-0 0 621
Fax: +49 621 60-42525 0
Main sale data in 2013:
Coatings Sales: $ 5.187 billion
Number of employees: 112,800
Coatings Sales: 1.001 billion liters
Geographic Sales: Europe、Middle East、Africa 41%,Americas 29%,Asia Pacific 30%
Board Members:
Kurt Bock:Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors
Dr. Hans Engel:Chief Financial Officer and Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Beate Ehle:Executive Vice President, BASF Corporation and President
Fried-Walter Münstermann:Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Frank A. Bozich:President, Global Catalysts Division
David Stryker:Senior Vice President and General Counsel.
Main development area:
- Increase in the Asia Pacific region and Latin America, investment in emerging markets and product distribution
- Strengthen the competitiveness of the market in Europe and North America.
Market Positioning:
Europe: Performance Coatings
North America: high-performance coatings, architectural coatings       Asia-Pacific market: architectural coatings                                        


In fact, the future direction of BASF does not only focus on the commercial interests, the more concerned about the planet we inhabit. With the changes in social values ​​, human safety and environmental protection more and more attention. These two points for the development of BASF's future success is very important, and we are involved in a global " Responsible Care " program , it is of the " continuation of development" an important contribution to the plan for BASF all business areas and subsidiaries within the products and services.
July 29, 2013, BASF recently announced the launch of an aqueous coating containing no APEO (alkyl phenol polyoxyethylene ether) pigment wetting agent Hydropalat ® WE 3111, this product provides excellent color development and stability, in the paint was used as the dispersant. In addition, the product also beyond the commonly used with high HLB (12-15) APEO surfactant performance, while maintaining the freeze-thaw stability of coatings, with no APEO labeling requirements.
September 2, 2013 the new “XSpark® ̶ designed by BASF” basecoats. The BASF experts have developed this new automotive OEM coating. The new paint is BASF automotive OEM coatings designed,it contains very fine glass particles that reflect the light with greater precision, thus creating a pronounced sparkle. It glitters in an even more focused and intensive manner than any other currently known special-effect coating. “XSpark® up paint only in the light will shine like glass particles rendered effects, currently specifically for luxury car manufacturers and their customers and design.
September 12, 2013, BASF again nominated two well-known indexes:
 —CDP Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index Global 500 : BASF leader in climate protection reporting
 —BASF once again topped the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index Ranking
November 28, 2013, BASF has produced its first commercial volumes of1, 4-butanediol (BDO) from renewable raw material, and is offering this product to customers for testing and commercial use. The production process relies on a patented fermentation technology from Genomatica, based in California. The fermentation process uses dextrose as a renewable feedstock. The quality of BDO based on renewable raw material is comparable to petrochemical-based BDO. BASF plans to expand its portfolio with selected BDO derivatives based on renewable feedstock, including Polytetrahydrofuran (PolyTHF®).BDO and its derivatives are used for producing plastics, solvents, electronic chemicals and elastic fibers for the packaging, automotive, textile, and sports and leisure industries, among others.
Distributed all over the world together in a spirit of Bath Mrs. established company based on innovation , this spirit from the very beginning had already formed an important tradition. BASF supplied material is used to form all-encompassing a variety of products to make life better. Dedicated our lives to bring high-quality products, constitutes part of BASF's successful elements. Listening to customers , serve customers and to meet their needs, is BASF's purpose, to carry out this purpose, the company will continue to develop new products and enhance market share of BASF 's leadership , BASF is committed to provide the way forward for the future development of strong support .
China Headquarters: BASF (China) Co., Ltd. Tel: +86-21-23203000  


Company Profile:
World-renowned American Valspar in 1806 by the Boston company called "paint and color," the shop evolved. Nearly 200 years Valspar in constant mergers and develop their own technological innovation, has become one of the international top ten paint, coatings and polymers of its products in the industrial, packaging, building and occupies a leading position in the field, the product throughout 26 countries and 80 regions, with ten thousand employees. In the U.S. Wal-Mart, lowes, UK B & Q and other numerous global building materials supermarkets are selling Valspar paint, Valspar has become the world's fresh, environmentally friendly, functional coatings brands.

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 
PO Box: 55415
Phone: +612-332-7371 
Fax: +612-375-7723
Main sale data in 2013:
Coatings Sales: $ 4.165 billion
Number of employees: 7,980
Coatings Sales: 0.826 billion liters
Geographic Sales: Europe 14%,North America 75%,Asia Pacific 11%
Board Members:
William L. Mansfield: Chairman and Chairman of Executive Committee 
Gary E. Hendrickson: Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer and Director      
Jeffrey H. Curler: Chairman Emeritus and Chairman of Executive & Finance Committee      
John S. Bode: Independent Director and Chairman of Audit Committee
Gregory R. Palen: Non-Executive Chairman, Member of Audit Committee and Member of Technology Committee
Main development area:
- Continue to maintain the status of the North American and European markets
- Expand market share in Asia Pacific
Market Positioning:
Europe: decorative coating
North America: decorative coatings, architectural coatings
Asia-Pacific and Latin America and other emerging markets: decorative coatings, architectural coatings

The right color is not just to illuminate a room ; it will change your life . While some people may try, but no other company like Valspar has a keen appreciation of color as sentimental value. 200 years, Valspar has been helping people connect to the power of color, dedicated to helping you find your perfect fit. With Valspar, the right color can change everything.
January 3, 2013, The Valspar Corporation has announced a long-term strategic supply relationship with Ace Hardware Corporation under which Valspar will manufacture and supply Ace-branded paint products as well as make a comprehensive line of Valspar-branded paints available to more than 4,000 Ace retail locations in the United States. In addition, the two companies announced that Valspar has acquired Ace Hardware’s paint manufacturing assets, including two manufacturing facilities located near Chicago.
January 10, 2013, Valspar revealed in fashion, food, and design and cultural fields three latest relevant impacts, and 2013 color trends inspired palette. In 2013, Valspar predicted three different color trends, in order to "embrace happiness" as the theme, focusing on the authenticity and family connections. Valspar color strategist Sue Kim said: “Valspar 2013 Color Trends palette shows that our home is ready to break free of his cocoon, we are ready to use the power of the dream again, change the color, and add to our lives middle.”
August 2, 2013 The Valspar Corporation has completed the previously announced acquisition of Inver Holding S.r.l., a leading industrial coatings manufacturer in Europe.With 2012 sales of approximately €160 million ($200 million), Inver Group specializes in liquid and powder coatings and resin products that are used in a variety of industrial applications including off-road equipment, auto and off-road parts, architectural aluminum windows, railways and trams.
Valspar has always been committed to the industry's most advanced and innovative products and technology, the best quality and the highest quality services to our customers.
China Headquarters: Valspar (Shanghai) Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. Tel: +86-21-59901345

7. DIAMOND Vogel

Company Profile:
U.S. diamond paint Coatings Company was founded in 1926 and headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa. 1967 diamond coating (Diamond paint), Vogel Paint (Vogel) merged its architectural coatings market share in the world paint is paint brand leader. Company in the world with 13 production bases, there are more than 1000 sales center. Diamond Vogel also produces industrial coatings are widely used in aerospace, airport maintenance, ship, shipping traffic and heavy maintenance coatings. The company is an OEM applications for industrial liquid and powder coatings, architectural coatings for commercial applications and owners of heavy protective coatings and paints. Some of the latest product has been added to the diamond coating product family; including the world's first 3D elastic touch interior paint, the pursuit of spatial extension and mobility Aurora & Space saving color interior paint and so on.
Des Moines, Iowa City,USA
PO Box: 50309 -3723
Tel: 1-626-5132983
Fax: 1-626-3338885

Main sale data in 2013:
Coatings Sales: $ 3.968 billion
Number of employees: 10200
Coatings Sales:0.927 billion liters
Geographic Sales: Europe 42%,Americas 46%,Asia Pacific 12%                             

Board Members:
Drew Vogel: Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Doug Vogel: Vice president and director of traffic and heavy-duty coatings
Mark Vogel: Vice President and Director, Industrial Coatings
Frank Drewk: Vice President and Director of Architectural Coatings                        

Main development area:
- Continue to maintain the stability of Europe and the Americas growth
- Increase in the Asia Pacific region and Latin America, efforts to expand in emerging markets, and achieve greater growth                                                 

 Market Positioning:
Europe: heavy duty coatings, industrial coatings
North America: architectural coatings, industrial coatings, traffic paint
Emerging markets such as Asia Pacific and Latin America: architectural coatings, industrial coatings                                                                  


Whatever changes take place for the paint brands market facing the challenges, the United States diamond paint believes that as long as can be their own brand advantages fully, to meet the market demand, provide consumers with excellent quality and innovative products for long-term, and adjust the products according to special requirements of different region in the world, with these fundamental, they can win trust from majority of consumers and occupy a space in coating market.
With a proposition "Green health", relying on excellent creativity and advanced professional technology, Diamond Paint put into new fashion concept humanity, decoration, to create a perfect living space. Diamond paint interpreted expression of the home furnishing, nature and life perfectly, and open an ideal home with new feeling.                                                                
Diamond Vogel now offers an affordable alternative to its premium line of exterior products. Diamond Vogel’s EverCryl Exterior Acrylic Latex still delivers the reliability of 100% acrylic resin technology discerning painting contractor’s demand, the low temperature performance and good hiding nature, which can save time and money. According to the long lasting acrylic formula,  to provide the flexibility needed cracking and peeling, to ensure EverCryl looks great and resisting fading for years on exterior surfaces, this may keep your colors remain appearing vibrant and rich. EverCryl has a special color which can moving you quickly onto your next job easily. EverCryl Exterior Acrylic Latex can used to brush, roller or spray, when temperatures is lower than 35º , it can be used as a prolong painting. With less than 100 grams per liter of VOC, EverCryl is a low VOC option perfect especially for areas with VOC restrictions.
Diamond coatings always pay more attention to scientific research and product innovation, which is their motility to success. Diamond also strives to meet consumer’s demand from product quality, formulation and packaging designed. Diamond coatings have high quality products and personalized packaging; it makes people feel everything is new. With continue going in for innovative, Diamond coatings can keep top in coating market although competition is increasingly fierce in coating industry
China Headquarters: Blue Paint Co., Ltd., Guangdong faction Tel: 400 -881-8830, +86-757-26360000


Company Profile: 
SACAL International Group Inc. is a global integrated company, which was founded in 1910, headquartered locates in London, England; SACAL provide professional paint products and application knowledge. Having more than 100 productions and marketing subsidiaries in more than 70 countries around the world. SACAL is a country with strong tradition of Innovation Company, in pursuit of excellence in innovation constantly, and provide customers with a full range of solutions and strong technical support. Mainly products are specialty chemicals, architectural coatings and industrial coatings. Its specialty chemicals including adhesives and sealants, concrete repair and reinforcement additives. The company goal is Help customers create added value.
London UK
Tel: +44 (0) 2030263350 
Fax: +44 (0) 2030261529 
Main sale data in 2013:
Coatings Sales: $3.881 billion
Number of employees: 12,580
Coatings Sales: 0.807 billion liters
Geographic Sales: Europe 50%, Americas 31%, Asia Pacific 19%
Board Members: 
Walter Grew Bohle: Chairman of the Board 
Bart Staege Ernst: CEO 
Alexander Boleibole: Director of Engineering 
Christopher Ganz: Director of Marketing.
Main development area: 
- To keep the market in Europe and continued growth in the Americas
- Focus on Asia Pacific and Latin America to increase investment in emerging markets, and strive to total sales in this market more than 15% of the Group.
Market Positioning: 
Europe: architectural coatings, specialty chemicals, industrial coatings 
North America: architectural coatings, specialty chemicals 
Emerging markets such as Asia Pacific and Latin America: architectural coatings, specialty chemicals.

SACAL’s goal is to always stay at one step ahead of competitive companies. Over the years, they focus on innovative competitive strategy for many years, and know well customer’s demand all over the world through a global distribution network of information With consumer’s attitudes and living standards continue rising, necessity of architectural coatings consumption turn to practicality, they have developed a series of high -quality functional architectural coatings, which have been used and accepted widely by end-users in architectural coatings field successfully. SACAL has always been committed to provide consumers with more innovative and high quality products.
Beautify and protect people's life is their mission, its aim is "Quality First, green energy", SACAL focus on high quality, promote green products and technologies widely used, and ensure people have a more safe and health living environment. It is also the key which SACAL has been maintaining its high-quality. Relying on the perfect system, a good brand image, high quality technical services, competitive and reasonable price help SACAL to win good feedback from majority of users, and the user group continues to grow up, which make SACAL stay in the forefront of coating industry.
China Headquarters: three -color International (China) Co., Ltd.; Tel: 400 -883-0686

9. NIPPON Paint

Company Profile: 
Nippon Paint Since its inception in 1881, experienced a hundred years of progressive and innovative, has grown into one of the world's major automotive paint supplier and the largest supplier of decorative paints , and its production and sales in the Asia-Pacific region has always ranked first, in the global chemical industry among the top ten. Nippon Paint's international network throughout Asia, Europe and America more than a dozen countries and regions. In the world with more than 30 production bases, with an annual output of paints and coatings more than 500 million liters, mainly the production of decorative coatings, automotive coatings, industrial coatings and marine coatings. As the world of the few able to provide all paint products manufacturer, Nippon Paint to beautify and protect people's lives to have any, and constantly create superior quality products, has won the trust of customers around the world and praise.

North ward ,Osaka Oyodokita ,Japan
PO Box: 531-8511 
Tel: +81-6-6458-1111 
Fax: +81-6-6285-6344 
Main sale data in 2013:
Coatings Sales: $3.026 billion
Number of employees: 6,680 
Coatings Sales: 0.734 billion liters 
Geographic Sales: Asia Pacific 78%,Europe 12%,Americas 10%
Board Members: 
Kenji Sakai: President and Representative Director 
Yoshio Andou: Senior Vice President 
Ryoichi Baba: Senior Vice President 
Kiyohiko Chijiiwa: Executive Vice President 
Kanji Nishijima: Vice President.
Main development area: 
- Keep decorative coatings in the Asia Pacific region's leading position and expand the region's automotive, marine and other industrial coatings.
- To expand in Europe and North America, automotive coatings and industrial coatings market share
Market Positioning: 
Asia-Pacific market: decorative coatings, automotive coatings, industrial coatings, marine coatings
Europe: automotive coatings, industrial coatings 
Americas: automotive coatings, industrial coatings                                

Nippon Paint said: "The paint is not just only can give consumers a beautiful wall, or some color, it shows that people's positive attitude to life and create a better life infinite desire, which will become Japan's paint always adhere to the business beliefs. "And hope to the accumulation of years of experience and high-tech support, so the influence of popular colors for our customers to create a better home life. "
July 8, 2013 By the Hindu Business Line, Chennai, INDIA - Japan-based Nippon Paint Group launched odourless air care product which cleanses the air by absorbing the indoor air pollutant, according to a company official."Today Nippon Paint India offers a complete range of eco-friendly and low coatings for concrete, wood and metals. Odourless Air Care is in line with this continuous endeavour of bringing forth paint solutions that are both eco and health friendly",Ramakanth V Akula, President - Decoratives, Nippon Paint (India) said."Nippon Paint Odourless Air Care draws on the strength of Nippon Paint's experience. It caters to the needs of consumers as well as offers protection against indoor pollutants surroundings".
August 22, 2013 the largest golden reclining Buddha in Thailand has been completed and unveiled in Phichit. Nippon Paint (Thailand) had been invited to paint the statue, and specially tailored their "Gold Paint System" for it. Nippon Paint (Thailand) brought to bear its cutting-edge technique and customized painting service delivery to assure the successful completion of the project. Nippon Paint combines technology that gives superior performance to the paint film as well as a customized service delivery.
November 6, 2013 Nippon Paint Co. said it will acquire a 39 percent stake in German automobile paint producer Bollig & Kemper GmbH & Co., to boost paint sales to European automakers.
China Headquarters: Nippon Paint (China) Co., Ltd. Tel: +86-21-50101687

10. RPM Inc

Company Profile:
RPM International Group, Inc. is the world's leading paint company, founded in 1947, and is headquartered in Ohio. Have more than 40 professional companies, 74 production sites around the world. Products include high-quality fine coatings, anti-corrosion coatings, wood coatings decoration, electronics specialty coatings, marine ports coatings, potting agents and adhesives. RPM International Group put many well-known brands are: Rust-Oleum, Carboline, DAP, Tremco, Zinsser, Stonhard, illbruck and so on. Products are sold in more than 150 countries. RPM's stock on the New York Stock Exchange.                                                                                                
Medina, Ohio
PO Box: 44258 -0777
Tel: +1-330-2735090
Fax: +1-330-2258743
Main sale data in 2013:
Coatings Sales: $ 3.002 billion
Number of employees: 12,200
Coatings Sales: 0.475 billion liters
Geographic Sales: Europe、Middle East、Africa 32%,North America 35%,Latin America 14%,Asia Pacific 19%
Board Members:
John P. Abizaid:Senior Partner JPA Partners LLC
Bruce Carbonari:President and CEO Fortune Brands Home and Hardware 
David A. Daberko:Retired Chairman and CEO Fortune Brands Home and Hardware  
James A. Karman:Retired Vice Chairman RPM International Inc. 
Donald K. Miller:Chairman Axiom International Investor LLC  
Frederick R. Nance:Regional Managing Partner of Squire, Sanders & Dempsey L.L.P.  
William A. Papenbrock:Retired Partner Calfee, Halter & Griswold LLP  
Charles A. Ratner:President and CEO Forest City Enterprises  
Frank C. Sullivan:Chairman and CEO RPM International Inc  
Thomas C. Sullivan:Chairman Emeritus RPM International Inc  
William B. Summers:Retired Chairman and CEO McDonald Investments Inc.  
Jerry Sue Thornton:President Cuyahoga Community College   
Joseph P. Viviano:Retired Vice Chairman Hershey Foods                            

Main development areat:
- Europe and North America continue to maintain the steady growth of the market
- Expansion in Asia Pacific and Latin America and other emerging market development, and achieved significant growth
Market Positioning:
Europe: Industrial Coatings
North America: industrial coatings, architectural coatings
Asia-Pacific and Latin America and other emerging markets: industrial coatings, architectural coatings                                                                     

September 3, 2013 RPM International Inc. announced that its Performance Coatings Group (PCG) has acquired Expanko company , terrazzo tiles manufacturer under FritzTile ® brand, as well as cork , rubber and rubber / cork flooring , mainly for education, health care health care, hotels and sports / entertainment business market. Expanko Company is headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and its manufacturing industry with annual sales of over 12 million U.S. dollars. RPM Chairman and CEO C. Sullivan said that: "Expanko is a very suitable for other PCG floor line, should benefit from the marketing and distribution opportunities greatly enhanced, their coverage will be further beyond its traditional strength of the U.S. East Coast." after the acquisition, Expanko Company will continue to lead Randy • Gillespie.
October 9, 2013, RPM Company reported record results for the first quarter of fiscal 2014
- Sales increase 11%
- Diluted earnings per share up 196% over prior-year reported results; up 20% over fiscal 2013 first-quarter adjusted EPS
- EPS guidance increased to $ 2.00 - $ 2.07 for fiscal 2014
October 10, 2013 , RPM Company at its annual general meeting, announced that its Board of Directors regular quarterly cash dividend of $ 0.24 per share , this amount increased by 6.7% compared to last year . This action marks RPM's 40th consecutive year of increased cash dividends paid to its stockholders, which places RPM in an elite category of less than half of 1 percent of all 19,000 publicly-traded U.S. companies. 
In RPM, we are convinced that "sustainable" manifested in a broader context, as it applies to the years we have implemented all aspects of business strategy and will continue to guide the future growth of RPM.
China Headquarters: Carboline Dalian Paint Co., Ltd. Tel: +86-411-87898441
Data from: company annual reports, sales reports and data analysis, participate in the edit this report world paints and coatings industry association (WPCIA) and coating research association (PRA) coalition industry senior researcher:
This report joint editor: Edward Moore (world paints and coatings industry association industry senior researcher)

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