Hexigone Announces Chilean Distribution Partnership

WPCIA Washington November 2, 2023

Hexigone Inhibitors announced a new distribution partnership with Adizol, a specialty chemical distributor based in Santiago, Chile. This collaboration brings Hexigone’s ion-exchange corrosion inhibitors to the Chilean coatings industry.

Adizol has over 20 years of experience in delivering technical products to the market, positioning itself as a trusted name within the region. Hexigone says Adizol’s passion for environmental sustainability aligns perfectly with Hexigone’s vision to create a safer and more sustainable world through innovative solutions.

Ella Newington, marketing manager at Hexigone, said, “We are thrilled to partner with Adizol to bring our Intelli-ion technology to the Chilean market. This collaboration is an exciting opportunity, especially given the substantial mining and construction industries in Chile that require anti-corrosion coatings to safeguard equipment and infrastructure. A sustainable alternative that excels in performance will be welcomed in this region.”

Bernardo Bollmann, development and technical manager at Adizol, said, “Our partnership with Hexigone signifies our joint commitment to sustainability and cutting-edge solutions in the coatings industry. Hexigone’s corrosion inhibitors are unique and we know our customers are going to be excited to start testing and utilizing something new within our market.”

Alongside Adizol and MCassab – Hexigone’s other new Brazilian distributor – Hexigone will have a strong presence at the upcoming ABRAFATI event, where the company said it is eager to meet with South American Coatings manufacturers. This event provides an opportunity for those manufacturers to meet the Hexigone team, learn more about their smart Intelli-ion technology and how it can elevate primer coatings. For more information, visit: www.hexigone.com.