Henkel Presents New Additive-Free Sealant

WPCIA Washington November 14, 2023

Henkel Adhesive Technologies has developed a new water-based sealant for cans used in the food industry. DAREX WBC 711 was designed specifically for irregular ends of tinplate or aluminum cans lined by shower head or die lining application. This product eliminates the need for non-web additives, resulting in a highly effective conventional sealing at a lower applied cost. It offers a reduction of greenhouse gas protocol (GHG) emissions by more than 30% compared to the established compound DAREX OP 2928, excluding the use-phase and end-of-life emissions. The sealant can be used in hot and cold filling, double seaming with or without steam injection, and in subsequent pasteurization or sterilization. The product exhibits good resistance to hot oil and water and conforms with European food legislation.

For more information, visit: www.henkel-adhesives.com.