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    updated June 2003

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A Superior Exterior


The approaching long summer evenings, and daylight saving hours provides a major opportunity to paint the exterior of your home.So why wait? Painting the exterior of your home will do more than simply create an attractive appearance, says the APMF. It will provide protection from the sun and weather which will otherwise gradually damage your home.

Many home-owners are now choosing to paint their homes to save money.With careful planning and preparation, the results will be rewarding. Before you commence you must consider; choosing attractive colours, choosing the correct type of paint, selecting the appropriate applicators and properly prepare the surface for painting.

Finally, ensure that the correct application procedures and the manufacturers instructions are followed.

Some points to remember when selecting colours for painting or repainting your home are:

  • Try to blend your home into its natural surroundings and with homes around you.
  • Consider the colour of materials on the exterior which will not be painted, which will either contrast or compliment your chosen colour scheme.
  • On homes with interesting architectural details, use an additional colour to emphasis them.

Paints available today are either solvent based or water based and often a choice can be made of either for a particular surface.

Alkyd and oil based paints are solvent thinned types.Their properities include durability and resistance to abrasion. Clean-up is achieved with turpentine or mineral spirits. In addition, brush cleaning compounds are now available.

Latex paints are water thinned.These paints are often selected because clean-up can be done with soap water.These paints are also durable, easy to apply and retain colour well with time.

Both these varieties of paints are available in a wide variety of sheens from flat to full gloss.A paint with higher gloss is preferable in situations where dirt collection or abrasion may be a problem.This would include doors and trim areas.

Often, Alkyds are recommended as trim paints.Flat paints are often used on siding, masonry and brick stucco.

Exterior woods stains should also be considered for timber surfaces. These are available in solid and semi transparent types. Solid stains will hide the colour of the underlying surface, allowing the texture to show through.Semi transparent stains allow the natural wood colour to be featured.

Keep your home looking attractive and beautiful, remember that the investment in a home is often the most signficant that many make in their lifetime.